Mega Joker An Interesting Online Slot Game

Joker is one of the complicated and interested symbols that are treated different ways in different cultures. Some related it with evils and devils; others associate this joker with exceptionally sense of humor and creative approach to any situation. The joker is more intelligence, will have shrewd mind and being more talented in the most unexpected fields, which is considered as profession of joker in many countries throughout many centuries. Luckily, now this interesting and versatile person depicted on the icons of a famous game by Novomatic will do his best to help you win the biggest prizes.

Play Mega Joker In Online As A Real Joker

The reels and pay line are main components of all the slots game so for the it is 5 reels and 40 pay lines. The reels and pay lines are varied based on the game developer. You will have standard panel under the reels having buttons to change the number of pay line you want to be set active and can set value for pay Ines, as well as you can view pay table on above and below the reels. You have auto play mode to choose and take a spin to bet.

The game features are it has symbols of cherries, lemons, plums or orange and other classic symbols like sevens and stars and main hero of the game is joker symbol which acts as a wild symbols (substitutes for other symbols). To know more about this game click


The credits are given for the winning combinations and credits are varied based on the symbols on the pay line. To get more wins then you have bet on all pay line and you have to set all pay line active for more wins. And another most symbol of mega joker slot is scatter symbol which creates the additional free spin when it occurs in pay line. The symbol of the scatter is star which has more credits points than any other.

Playable has all its details of credits of symbols, winning combination earns more, wild symbols points, scatter credits and coins you can bet on particular pay lines. So refer the play table before to choose bet on pay line. If want to be winner there is something you have to keep in mind that it you should always kept all pay line active, bet on all pay lines to avoid lose, try to get more credits and free slots through the formation of winning combination gives free slots, try to get scatter and wild symbols in pay line. If you play in this way you will get more chance of win. You can download mega joker game here and enjoy free slots.

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