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The online casino bonuses

In the world of largest online casinos business there is a stiff competition with increasing number of casino sites which are entering the business arena in order to share the earnings. It was estimated that the total number of casino sites in the internet were anywhere near 27 million. It can very well be understood to what extent the sites have to make promotional endeavors in order to attract the players to their sites. Just as in other main line industries in the online casino industry also the site owners resort to marketing strategies. Here they try to attract the players by offering various types of bonuses.

The types of bonuses


  1. The no deposit bonus is a bonus scheme primarily to attract the new players who want to begin laying the chance games. It is equivalent to free playing facility for the beginners till they feel that they can play with wagering. They need not to deposit any money and some amount will be credited to their account by the casino sites.
  2. In free deposit bonus the players are required to deposit some initial amount for opening their account to which the bonus amount is added. The players can play and wager with the bonus amount but they are not allowed to withdraw the money from the account. This is also meant to attract the beginners.
  3. Play only bonus is to motivate the players to stay on at the casino site. This bonus is applicable to the existing players and is based on their wagering amounts in the games played at the casino site.
  4. Stay on bonus is given to the players upon completion of six months at the site. the bonus amount adds up to the deposit amount and cannot be withdrawn cash. The amount is allowed to play on wagering. However any winnings out of the play using the bonus amount can be withdrawn by the player.
  5. Rake return bonus is for old members of the site. Rake is the amount which is retained by the RealTime Gaming [RTG] Casinos site owners as a part of their profit. In order to retain their players the sites even offer to return a percentage of the rake back to the player on certain condition such as total wagering amount and number of years of membership etc.